I started this site because I want to share what I’m learning in life, about life, and how to live life. I think as I’ve gotten just a little bit older, I realize that a lot of life is about the process and not the finished product. No one is perfect, except for Jesus, and there is usually grace to make mistakes and keep trying- in the big things and the little things. That’s why I write about topics that run the gamut from spiritual perspective to salad. Because you’ve got to learn how to have faith, and you’ve also got to learn how to cook a decent meal. And you can screw up both those things, and still try again.

I’m currently living in Los Angeles, California, working as a copywriter and marketing specialist. I’ve done quite a bit of international travel, but for now I’m working on new territories to explore: the ever-increasing and changing world of online marketing and social media; new neighborhoods and coffee shops in LA; and always, the limitless frontier of the Pacific ocean.

This isn’t my first blog, so if you want to check out the now-retired Lulu’s Table for some buttermilk pie with jam or curried chicken salad with toasted almonds, please help yourself.